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About Holf

Holf Chen is the first Chinese designer who was coopted onto the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme with his excellent achievement points in 2008.

He founded Holf Design Consultant in 1996 and he is also the current CEO and Design Director of the company. The projects he direct have received multiple awards like the Gold Award of APIDA Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Design Competition and took the first prize at the CIID China Design Competition. In 2007, he won the Gold Award of Hospitality Design Awards, the Oscar for the design in NY, USA. It is the first design facility in Asia that won the Gold medal of this award. With his twenty years professional concentration, the company contain with advanced creative ideals and excellent Project collaboration system, it’s also enjoy a sterling reputation and retains enormous influence on the design industry.



1996年创办厚夫设计机构,现任公司董事长兼设计总监。其主持的项目 多次获得APIDA香港亚太区设计大赛金奖及CIID中国设计大赛一等奖 等诸多奖项,2007年更在美国纽约获得设计界的“奥斯卡”奖Hospitality Design Awards金奖,成为第一家获得该大奖金奖的亚洲设计机构。二十几年专业层面上的专注,让公司拥有领先的创意理念和完善的项目协作系统,在业界厚积着口碑,对产业薄发着影响力。


Guang Zhou, China