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About Ton

Before we start to create a product, we dream about its beauty.
wood bending means to us a key to its strength.
A beautiful and strong product becomes timeless and is inherited  from generation to generation, just as our handcraft.
That is why we do it honestly and friendly, for the benefit of people and nature.
Milan Dostalík CEO


Bystřice pod Hostýnem, Czech Republic

Our products are made by people using traditional wood bending technology. Since 1861 the art of wood bending and the love of the craft have been passed from one generation to another in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. In more than 150 years, six generations of craftsmen have worked in the factory and they have made their indelible mark in its history. Our current contribution to the historic milestones 
are products using split solid wood bent into opposite directions. If you have chosen TON products, the chances are that you not only appreciate high quality handcraft but you are also a lover of design and timeless beauty. we are glad to see that by making this decision you have joined the group of extraordinary friends of TON.