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This Personal Data and Privacy Policy describes how we, BigFish Furniture Pte Ltd (‘BigFish’), collect, use and/or disclose personal data as well as non-personal information over our website as well as in connection with providing service to you.

  1. Personal data which may be collected

    Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) ("PDPA"), we will collect and retain such personal data as is necessary for business and legal purposes, and will take reasonable steps to obtain consent for the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data and further ensure that the use and/or disclosure of such personal data is restricted to legitimate purposes.

    Personal data refers to data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data; or from that data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access.

    Personal data which may be collected by us include personal particulars such as:-

    • Your Name
    • Contact Details
    • Delivery Address

    You agree that any personal data supplied by you or collected by us as a result of your use of our services and/or access or use of our website may be used and/or disclosed for the following purposes:-

    • To update you on new promotions;
    • To do anything necessary relating to or in connection with the delivery of the ordered items

    We do not collect or store any credit card information involved in your transaction over the website. For the terms governing the collection, use and the security of credit card information used in any payment transaction over the website, please refer to the terms of the respective Payment System Providers.

  2. Collection, storage and use of non-personal information

    We may monitor user access and user traffic on our website.

    When you interact with the website, we may, for the purposes of website improvement and analytics, track, collect and store non-personal user data including, but not limited to, user behaviour on the website, browsing patterns as well as technical information such as the type of computer, operating system and IP address information.

    Such non-personal information that is collected and stored with us shall not be linked, tagged or be traceable back to your personal data in any way.

  3. Disclosure of personal data

    We will not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless we have your consent, or we are authorised by the PDPA or under a legal obligation or duty to do so, except for disclosure to the following individuals or entities which you hereby agree to:

    • Our professional advisers, including without limitation our lawyers, accountants and auditors;
    • Our third party service providers and sub-contractors (including those who provide payment, administrative, delivery or other services to us in connection with the operation of this website and/or of our business).

    By placing an order through our website or by signing up for an account on our website, you agree and consent that we may disclose your collected personal data to the above parties in order to achieve the purposes set out in this Personal Data Policy and/or for processing your personal data. We do not rent or sell your personal information to any third party.

  4. Protection of personal data

    We shall take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the personal data in its possession or under its control.

  5. Retention of personal data

    Personal data is retained by us for as long as necessary for legal or business purposes, including to satisfy legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or business or record purposes. The personal data will subsequently be destroyed or de-identified from you.

  6. Accessing or correcting personal data

    Whenever you provide personal data to us, you warrant and represent that such personal data you have provided is accurate. However, we understand that your personal data with us may need to be updated from time to time. You are able to view and/or amend certain personal data information over our website. Should you be unable to view and/or amend such personal data over our website, you have the right to request access to and correction of errors or omissions in the personal data about you held by us.

    You may request access to or correction of your personal data held by us. To do so, please send a written request to privacy@bigfish.furniture , from the email address registered with your account, specifying the personal data which you wish to access or correct.

    We will endeavour to respond to all reasonable requests for the access or correction of your personal data held by us within 21 working days and will inform you if a longer period of time is required.

    We are entitled to restrict access or correction to your personal data in circumstances which fall within the exceptions and exemptions set out in the PDPA or such other applicable laws and regulations.

  7. Withdrawal of consent

    You may at any time withdraw your consent to our continued use and disclosure of your personal data by sending an email to privacy@bigfish.furniture. You understand that if you do not want us to use your personal data or disclose the same to third parties, this may impact our ability to provide services to you, and includes the possibility that your order cannot be fulfilled.

    Further, in withdrawing your consent, you acknowledge and agree that if we are no longer able to provide such services to you, we will be entitled to cease the provision of services to you without incurring any liability on our part.

  8. Cookies

    We use cookies on the website. Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a website and stored on your computer by your web browser. You may restrict your web browser from storing cookies on your computer. However, please note that should you do so, certain parts of the website may not function properly.

  9. Other Web Sites

    Our website may contain links to other third party web sites. We are in no way responsible for the contents and personal data policies of such third party websites. When visiting these third party web sites, you should read their personal data policies.

  10. Amendments and revision

    We will comply with all Singapore laws and regulations relating to privacy and data protection, including but not limited to the PDPA.

    We reserve the right to amend and/or revise this Personal Data and Privacy Policy in our sole and absolute discretion at any time without any prior notice. You agree that your continued use of the Website and/or our services after such amendment or revision shall constitute acceptance of the same.

    All communications and interaction with us are subject to the prevailing Personal Data Policy at the material time.

  11. Contact

    If you have any questions or feedback relating to personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:-

    Data Protection Officer 
    Email Address: privacy@bigfish.furniture 
    (Please indicate the title of your email as "Queries on Personal Data")